Yet another timeline article XD. Unlike the Felney Timeline, this one focuses only on events in my stories, games etc, which take place in the main "Felney Universe". And doesn't have as many gags. As all the stories of mine are spread out over comics, games and written stories, a lot of which are perpetually "being planned", I thought this list may be useful so people can understand references to things made in the stuff that DOES get done.

Disclaimer: This is set in an alternate reality from "our own", so the dates of some events may be changed. And other events are completely fictional of course

Other disclaimer: The old Felney Timeline contains several things which contradict this one. This is the "correct" one, the other one is staying the way it is for comedy value, if I ever change it and add more gags I'll also sort the dates and events out.



The Greek scientist Hero Of Alexandria creates a "steam engine". The Roman Empire ignores it, and the industrial revolution is delayed by about 1700 years [Imperium]



"Fenlye" founded on a hill in a swamp. It will eventually become Felney



Mike Smythe and Aaron Anderson born



Mike Smythe and Aaron Anderson, along with Tina, move to Felney [Ye Legend of Felney]


February 3rd 1034

A dragon attacks Felney. Tina kills it with magical powers which the people assumed where demonic, she's also a lesbian so they call her "The Devil's Dyke". However over time the story got twisted a bit and by the 20th century was about a tempest god and some giants or something. [Ye Legend of Felney]



A plague is bought to Felney by Morris Dancers, it kills the three characters, amongst other people.



Sexton Blake (the version that exists in the Felney universe) born. Note that the "Felney Universe" Sexton Blake is only for crossover purposes. The one that features in the Red, White & Blue is in his own universe, as created by Hal Meredith in 1893, and hundreds of other writers since. The Sexton Blake stories are "supposed" to be really happening anyway, but the versions that are published are edited to "cover up the secrets". Mark Hodder, who runs the Sexton Blake website, worked backwards and worked out that the "real" Blake was born in 1859.



Mike Smythe born in Felney (no I don't believe in reincarnation)



Sexton Blake solves the murder of Lord Crayford in Essex. [Sexton Blake Doom]



Mike Smythe builds a Time Machine and disappears in it along the proposed site of a new railway.



The Felney Herald is first published. [Felney Herald]



Sexton Blake of the Felney universe somehow stops ageing and his body gets physically stuck at 42



Eugene Manx born



First World War, Eugene Manx's father fights in it on the side of Germany



Eugene Manx's wife is killed in an attack on a Jewish bakery by Nazis. Eugene reads Hitler's Mein Kampf and becomes convinced the Nazi party will do great evil if they get into power. He joins them with the intention of wrecking them from the inside.



Second World War. Eugene Manx makes covert contact with British Intelligence, using intelligence training he received from the Nazis. He sends Nazi plans to the allies and gives his own superiors false information. The allies win the war and discover evidence of Nazi atrocities such as the concentration camps. Germany itself is divided into the west, occupied by Britain, America and France, and the east, occupied by the Soviet union



Winston Churchill first suggests the formation of a "United States of Europe"



The Nuremberg Trials are held and many Nazi leaders are executed or imprisoned, however many others manage to escape, paying their way with looted treasures or going in disguise. Eugene Manx works for West German intelligence, setting up surveillance to spy on the communist east.


March 22nd 1947

Mark Telbury born


August-October 1947

Sikh, Hindu and Muslim gangs prey on travellers moving between India and the newly-created Pakistan after India becomes independent. A small guerrilla group calling themselves the "Tigers of Punjab" fight against these bandits to save as many innocents as they can. [Tigers Of Punjab]


October 1950

MI20, the War Crimes Investigation Branch of British intelligence is set up, with the aim of tracking down the escaped Nazi war criminals. Eugene Manx joins them as a field agent operating from London. [Eugene Manx]


November 1950

MI20 Captures August Karven, a former Gestapo Captain hiding out in a chateau in the south of France. [Eugene Manx]


July 17th 1954

Joyce Crayford born



Stan Wilkinson born



MI20 is closed down as it has "done all it can". Eugene Manx retires to West Germany



Amanda Millman born



Mike Smith is born in Ely, but lives in Felney most of his life. Aaron Anderson is born in Maidstone.


January 30th 1977

John Gunn born in Cambridgeshire


September 5th 1977

Sunita Shankar is born in Middleford, though she is initially named Tariq (even though that's an Arabic name and her family are from India)


August 7th 1980

Joyce Crayford becomes a lecturer at Middleford University



Tina Wright born


April 19th 1983

Mark Telbury goes to work on an oil rig in the North Sea


Feburary 14th 1985

A "terrorist" attack on an oil rig in the north sea is investigated by the SAS. Instead it is found to be a zombie outbreak. Two survivors - Corporal Stan Wilkinson and Mark Telbury


November 1985

Anti-Zombie taskforce formed, lead by the now RSM Wilkinson (rapidly promoted as he's the only person to have actually fought zombies and lived). Though the cause of the outbreak on the rig is not entirely known, they keep watch for more of them.



Mike Smith see's a UFO


May 2nd 1991

A freak motorcycle crash during a police chase in Middleford causes a respected local businessman attempting to rape the 14 year old Sunita to be wounded, she finishes him off. The police are very busy with a recent string of audacious robberies in the area and say the slices where caused by the brake disc. Sunita realises over the next few weeks that she has the ability to kill people without remorse. [Scum Slaughter]


July 27th 1991

JIS-UK in Middleford is robbed of 20 million, but the robbers are involved in a high speed crash as they escape and the driver barely survives, the money is burned up. [Grand Theft Felney prequel]


September 1st 1992

A zombie outbreak happens in a hospital, it is sealed off by the AZT who destroy the zombie threat, and burn the building down. The media report it as a sudden fire caused by a major gas leak


September 3rd 1995

John Gunn starts at Middleford University... and Sunita Shankar starts at Cambridge University.


November 1st 1995

Sunita kills for the second time, and again feels no remorse. She decides to become a kind of "avenging angel" and clean up Middleford.


June 5th 1996

John Gunn and Joyce Crayford start to have an affair, for her it's "just for fun", but he actually likes her despite the "wee" age gap of 23 years


July 9th 1996

A mass zombie outbreak happens in the Fens, in eastern England. John Gunn and Joyce Crayford are caught up in it but survive, and fall in love. The AZT manage to stop the outbreak and discover a mad scientist had been behind it, they shoot him and leave him in his underground bunker/lab, which collapses. Also caught up in the battle are members of the Brent Road Mob, a gang from London. [Zombie Shock Massacre]


April 16th 1997

John Gunn and Joyce Crayford get married in Middleford. [Zombie Shock Massacre]



Aaron, being 22, decides to come out to his parents. They, being twats, force him to go to a "straight camp" they know about (though it calls itself a "centre for troubled youth" to avoid the arson it deserves) to be "cured". Because it's run to the expected mental standards of ordinary gay people the "security" measures are an unlocked door with "do not enter" written on it. Aaron escapes and trashes the bosses car, and his parent's garden, before going on the run with his friend Tina. [Felney]


May 20th 2000

Steve Gunn is born


August 2000

While shifting over the country Tina meets Ann and begins to fall in love with her


January 25th 2001

A documentary about "idyllic rural communities" visits Felney. It is very funny. [Felney]


March 17th 2001

Aaron and Tina get bored with living in bedsits or the back of a car, so decide to live in some remote village. Mike realises he'll need to take on some house-mates to keep him in giggle water (and splatter movies), so Aaron and Tina move in. [Felney]


May 20th 2001

The council gets a mobile phone mast built opposite Mike's house in Felney, because he votes for UKIP and they have non-white members. Also around this time Ann and Tina properly get together


July 29th 2001

A councillor in Middleford is killed by "some vigilante", and is later found to have a large amount of child porn. Sunita Shankar coincidentally decides to leave town [Scum Slaughter]


November 5th 2001

Aaron's dad is killed by a mis-aimed firework. "A miserable Asian in a leather jacket" is seen in the area. [Felney]


December 1st 2001

An even bigger mobile phone mast is built opposite Mike's house, but it sinks into the ground. [Felney]


August 4th 2002

Mike Smythe from Victorian times re-appears, in front of a speeding train. [Felney]


October 7th 2002

Aarons' mum, helped by some racists, tries to kill his boyfriend Vinny. However she crashes in a van after a chase and dies [Felney]


May 22nd 2004

Amanda Millman gives birth to Cherie and Lisa Millman. [Felney]


May 2006

The new Felney, as of strip 16, starts from about here.


July 9th 2006

The Gunn family move to a remote house in the Fens. Steve Gunn claims to have seen a zombie, but nobody can find any trace of one. [The Gun]



Two teenagers go missing for a few days. And then come back. [Imperium]


October 5th 2008

The EU Constitution, despite being beaten in any referendum it has been given, is forced upon the people of Europe. Political parties in seperate countries are now part of EU-wide parties


May 16th 2009

The first EU-wide act, on congestion charging, is announced from the EU parliment, the term "United States of Europe" is used officially for the first time


January 12th 2011

The "three nations war" as the EU attempts to force Norway and Switzerland to join. The war is unpopular and quickly ended in an EU retreat, but tougher anti-protest laws are considered as a result.


November 6th 2011

The states of Europe are now re-named Eurozones, creation of the superstate is now complete.


December 1st 2013

The last EU President, Robin Crook, is "elected", he is from Eurozone 12, formerly Britain


July 24th 2014

The first anti-EU riots break out in Wolverhampton following announcement of new taliban-like laws. Many unarmed innocents shot. The woman who sparked off the riot is found to be Amanda Millman, who is arrested.


July 29th 2014

"Wolf Force" begins to spread, with a logo similar to that of the Wolverhampton football team as it's badge. [Scum Slaughter 2]


September 13th 2014

More rioting throughout the EU is breaking out every day, as "Wolf Force" begins to strike back, it is 'officially formed' as a protest organisation. The leader is a former German army general named Hermann Koch. With his leadership "Wolf Force" turns from a mob into an organised army. [Scum Slaughter 2]


November 5th 2014

After many defections of the police and army, destruction of the racist infiltrators of Wolf Force and elimination of the hardline pro-EU collaborators, the "Great Revolution" is over and democracy is restored to Europe. Similar revolutions take place in Russia and parts of Africa, and small Wolf Force "units" perform attacks in the United States and Australia. The EU parliament is symbolically blown up on November 5th. [Scum Slaughter 2]


September 8th 2015

A series of bombings throughout European cities is attributed to "Stealth Force"


May 28th 2016

A large Stealth Force base is found hidden in America, it is very high tech and well hidden, and the workers who built it appear docile and brainwashed somehow. It is discovered Stealth Force is an attempt at bringing back the EU government, but this time covering the entire planet.


June 1st 2016

Wolf Force is re-formed as an international coalition of pro-democracy armies. Like UN peacekeepers but with teeth. [The Gun]


August 23rd 2018

Stealth Force emerges in Pakistan and stages a coup


October 2nd - 11th 2018

The Indo-Pakistan war, Stealth Force now rules both countries, and Zimbabwe declares itself united with them.


December 25th 2018

The "Christmas attacks", or as they call it "Winterval Unification", stealth force "Units" in many countries attempt take-overs. Large groups of people seem to suddenly join their side, as if brainwashed by subtle and subliminal propaganda mixed with discreet doses of mind-altering chemicals. Which incidentally is exactly what happened. China, Afghanistan and parts of Canada are taken over. Rebellions also happen throughout Europe, the United States and Africa.


May 7th 2019

Steve Gunn joins the British army, which is an "arm" of Wolf Force. [The Gun]


November 6th 2019

A day after celebrations of the destruction of the EU, Stealth Force explode outwards from the countries they rule. They also manage to take over Romania and Argentina. Large battles take place and in many places Wolf Force are taken by surprise and driven back.


December 1st 2019

Most free nations join Wolf Force, to help combat the Stealth Force menace.


March 20th 2020

Stealth Force push into Europe, Poland and Germany fall. In the far east systematic genocide occurs across north Korea, as the people of the south brace themselves. Attacks also occur in Japan and sabotage and terrorism in the free nations is widespread. Wolf Force as an entity issues an ultimatum to Stealth Force that they must immediately cease expansion and allow the people of the occupied countries a vote on their continued membership.


March 24th 2020 - August 8th 2023

World war 3, Wolf Force victorious. [The Gun]



Steve Gunn quits the Army and becomes a detective in Cambridge, England. [The Gun 2]



Sarah Millman is born, also in Cambridge



London declares independence from Great Britian, and a vast wall is built. It becomes a very isolationist country governed by harsh totalitarian rules. The new capital of Britain is York.



A large Zombie outbreak occurs in Britain, Steve Gunn is caught up in it and eventually tracks it down at the source. He is infected and collapses after ensuring the outbreak won't spread any further. The decision is made to put him in cryogenic freeze. [The Gun 2]



Afghanistan becomes the first fascist country since 1945, however it does not practice racism or genocide.



The Homosexuals of the world successfully lobby the new UN formed after the war for a homeland. A desolate stretch of Siberian cost is assigned and many move there and begin building. Homonia is born. Initially anybody can move there but gradually religion, prudishness, racism and other impurities are weeded out.



Sarah Millman "comes out" to her parents, who chuck her out of the house. She moves to Homonia aboard one of their atomic-powered zeppelins. Homonia has become a powerhouse economy thanks to the use of slave labour to produce cheap but worthy goods for export, and also because without religion many large scientific companies have set up there.



Sarah Millman joins SEC-DEF-PD, the Homonian police force.



Afghanistan now rules the entire Middle East, except Pakistan and Arabia. Peace comes to the region thanks to harsh, on-the-spot law enforcement and a sense of duty to Afghanistan first, and religious or historical motivation last.



Homonia annexes Zimbabwe, which is a large country stretching from coast to coast above South Africa. They re-name it South Homonia and religion is semi-tolerated there, as opposed to in Homonia itself. Mike smith of Felney dies.



Sarah Millman is promoted to DI, and her first case in plainclothes is to investigate the sex orgy parks of Turing (Homonian capital city) for evidence of rape, corruption and STD spreading. She meets and falls for Valerina Zaleski, a zeppelin captain. [Agent Smoke]



S.E.C-1, The Secure Earth Council which defends earth from dangers from outer space meets it's first major test.



Formation of the Government of Earth, which is a "night-watchman" democracy. The earth military is based on the SEC-DEF principle from Homonia (in which all state services and the army are ruled as one organisation and can share resources and personnel), which includes S.E.C-1 as the space division. Earth also joins the Galactic Government, an organisation of planets which agree to co-operate and aid one another, plus divide territory and resources.



Among other planets colonised by Earth in their galactic sectors is Nirisan, The people here are similar to humans but green, and they can make energy by chlorophyll. Nirisonian technology is behind Earth's, being at approximately 2030 levels in 2199, the Humans give them aid and new technology and the two planets form an alliance. Nirisan's new global army is named Forest Warriors, because there is a large amount of forest and jungle on the planet.


2315 - 2333

A long, galaxy-wide war against Starkill, an empire from another galaxy with some vast starships. FW and S.E.C.-1 play key roles in the war, as do other Galactic Government nations



S.E.C-1, who ruled earth during the war, refuse to hand power back to the democratic government, who they disband. Earth continues on a war footing, diverting most resources to military might. This makes nearby empires uneasy and many people on earth poor and starving as a result. Rebellions break out but aren't successful



The rebellion against S.E.C-1 has grown very slowly, they have been mostly ignoring it as their soldiers can meet any threat. However the rebels are beginning to win new victories using old-fashioned commando tactics which Earth Empire soldiers cannot combat. But an archaeological dig finds some old cryogenic storage facilities, and in one of them is Steve Gunn! They un-freeze him and get him to help train a group of elite soldiers, however he defects as S.E.C-1 remind him of Stealth Force. [The Gun 3]



Mike Smith born



Mike goes to university on an Earth Empire planet called Planet Felney. He is staying with a gay guy from earth called Aaron, and a Felitron (cat) called Vinny



(Re-)Invention of time travel, it is strictly regulated by the Galactic Government and used only in dire circumstances to change the past and save the present, or see what might happen in the future.