Or, Insanity Please - The Game

A retro-RPG styled game set in the Insanity Please world, based loosely on the comic it follows the adventures of Terra as she struggles to discover more about her origin and also fight with the Returners to overthrow the evil and corrupt Shinra empire. This is created in RPG Maker 2000, and doesn't have any fancy custom-made systems (It's a "rainy day" side project I tinker with now and again), which means the battles are front-view and highly cheesy. There's still several hours of game-play in it if you explore everywhere and do everything, though.

Current Version - V2.0

There was a previous demo released a long time ago in 2002 or so. This is a big improvement on that.


Version WITHOUT RTP package


Version WITH RTP package


I have no idea what RTP means i just want to play the bloody thing