Back when I started The Gun, 2020 was so far away and "science fictiony" that I put in all sorts of fancy technology, though I drew the line at hand-held laser guns, or heat-seeking bullets. Then again the Internet seems to be nonexistent in this world, and hand-held computers and communicators have black and white monochrome screens. There does seem to be devices capable of detecting "life forms" though, Gunn has one fitted to The Gun in some of the later stories. In the re-makes the sci-fi will be reined in a bit, some technology will look more like it belongs in 2020 (for instance palmtop computers with high quality colour screens that can be used as video communicators, gun-sights, maps and the like) and laser weapons will exist, but will be mounted on tanks. However to keep the comic book, unreal feeling, some stranger devices will feature. Most notably mind-controlling "brain waves", which make stealth force country's citizens docile and unquestioning, zombification formulas (and genetic mutation variants that turn people into hulk-like monsters) and huge bombers that are kept aloft by arrays of superconductors that react with the earth's magnetic field, causing them to hover.

The Original Gun

The New Gun

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