There was a large amount of spinoff stories from The Gun, all set at different points of World War 3, in fact for a couple of years it was about the only thing I made comics about! Most of these never got past one page, were short or not very good. With the exception of the three sequels to The Gun, and The J Zone, which followed Sue Jackson. That was completed but was utterly terrible! This page shares some bits with the Story Chronology page, but goes into a bit more detail on the various spin-offs, as well as the speculated ones that where never made.

The Gun - Book 4

The original version of Book 4, given to the filthy less-than-scum art teacher by the racist filthy scum. I donít remember much about it but it was set on the "Alpha-Delta" islands, the original incarnation of them which was actually different points around our village, (the rest of which was "water") for when me and my friends played "The Gun" with toy guns. It started with Gunn, Jackson and Tom/Tomms attacking a house, Tom gets killed, of course, and then I think some zombies attackedÖ

The Gun - City War

A story set in a devastated city, perhaps somewhere in Eastern Europe? Tom gets killed in it, and thatís it really

The Gun - Space Battle

Stealth Force takes over a space station, Gunn has to go and get them. Based on episode 2 of Duke Nukem 3D, was never finished.

The Gun - Atomic Action

London, NY, Hong Kong and other cities are nuked, Gunn is in London but hides in a bunker and survives, then goes to destroy the base that launched them. Ruined the continuity so was chucked out

The Gun Ė Battle At Bravo

The original Prequel, Gunn goes into Battle on Island Alpha in a mech, it gets blown up and he fights on foot, using the Ripper machine gun. He is rescued and tells his commander he can improve it, so creates The Gun himself. Then he is promoted to Corporal and is charged with leading a squadron of 3 stealth fighters to destroy some building, he does this but gets shot down in the ensuing dogfight (which is fought with machine guns only, no missiles, like in world war 1 and 2). He escapes and lands in a desert, an enemy convoy comes along and he blasts the car at the front of it with a grenade, it flips over and crushes a truck. He then shoots two people in another car and takes off. After a brief car chase he ends up at an enemy base, steals a captured Wolf Force mech and wreaks havoc. Smashing and destroying anything that moves, including the returning enemy jets from the dogfight (which are also Stealth Fighters). Then sets the mech to self destruct, runs out of it and while it explodes steals a captured Wolf Force high-speed plane (not a stealth fighter, it looks a bit phallic actually XD) and flies back to island Delta. I donít actually know why I didnít make this story "official". It was not stapled and some pages of it are "on the back of" pages in other stories, or lost.

The Gun - Gunn VS Predator

Crap. Didnít even bother finishing the first page. And the stupidest thing was this was made AFTER "A Different Danger" XD

The Gun - The End

Wolf Force discover Stealth Force's secret main base and launch a nuke at it, some "final battle" that was. Then the Wolf Force army is disbanded and the soldiers are given a choice between going back to the British Army or joining the United States Police, Gunn and Jackson take the second choice. Abandoned after a page and a frame because I wanted to have a big dramatic final battle.

The Gun 2

Probably the first and most important spin-off, originally created by my brother. After the war Gunn leaves the "British" army and joins the NYPD, because during the war anybody who could hold a gun was called into Wolf Force, leaving police forces (in countries where they are armed, anyway) understaffed. This meant crimes rose dramatically and now the police need to use trigger-happy, zero tolerance methods to bring it down again. Thatís my modern interpretation of it anyway, actually it was just my brother creating a thinly-veiled "Judge Dredd" rip-off, just as The Gun was heavily inspired by "Commando" comics.

The Gun 2 - Drug Bust

This was a The Gun 2 story created by me, and was supposedly "early on" in The Gun 2 (it was not made in order). Gunn attacks a drug warehouse (this was based on a dream I had, which was a first-person shooter in the style of Wolfenstien, with mildly better graphics and lots of gore). After shooting everyone there he leaves through a forest (in New York?) and a Stealth Force helicopter attacks him, so he shoots it down, then spots a Stealth Force truck, so blows it up. That was apparently "the last of" Stealth Force, his chief tells him (even though the war is over and they should be gone). But they have a new enemy - C.R.I.M.E! Who committed the despicable crime of sending them an email saying "Die cops!", so Gunn has to go to Afghanistan (!) in an NYPD tank (!) and fight them. It was about that time I noticed this storyline was utterly stupid, and abandoned it XD.

The Gun 2 - The Bust

Another one created by me (despite The Gun 2 being my brother's idea!), this was a blatant rip-off of Die Hard 3, except instead of standing around in Harlem with an "interesting" sign he finds some woman during a car chase. Then when he drives around the park in a taxi he kills at least 20 innocent people, then when he gets to the destination it isn't a train station but some alleyway, where the bad guy comes along and he shoots him XD, then there is another car chase. It wasnít finished, but I suppose it could have been half-decent if it was. Needed more car chases though XD. It did have an actual "sinister villain" who wasnít seen, but who was organising breakouts of criminals at police stations across the city.

The Gun 2 - A Different Danger

One of only two The Gun 2 storylines that was actually finished. Its basically "Gunn VS Predator" (as there where whole shelves in bookshops at the time crammed with "Some character VS Predator/Aliens" books). It starts off in a gunfight with some criminals, Gunn beats them and chases the last ones somewhere, but the predator kills them. Then some crudely stereotyped "drug dealers" are sitting around in a warehouse going "hur hur!" and injecting themselves with drugs, while another one shoots some cops and innocent people and steals some drugs that where going to be used as evidence. But the Predator has been busy and kills them. Gunn arrives and is annoyed at being beaten to it, but then gets almost killed by another criminal, but survives and finds the predator's gun, so shoots another guy with it. Then spots the predator and it runs away. He later goes out on patrol and finds the predator killing somebody, so shoots it a lot, then it runs away, to a NASA rocket launching site (I donít think there is one anywhere near NY in real life XD) where the predator steals a rocket. But Gunn follows it on board and gasses it, then escapes in an escape pod as the rocket explodes. The artwork of this one is all over the place, probably because me and my brother took turns on adding a bit more to it over about 2 years XD.

The Gun 2 - Forgot the name

Didnít even do a full page of this, Gunn races to the scene of a murder and finds some burnt corpses. Thatís it XD.

The Gun 2 - House Of Horrors: Zombies

This one was the end of The Gun 2, in which we had agreed Gunn would be killed, and cryogenically frozen to set the scene for a science fiction version of The Gun. This one was lost, so I cant remember the exact storyline of it, but I remember it was the goriest and most blood-soaked episode so far (until one of the The Gun 3 ones). I wanted Gunn to get shot through the neck and spine, so his brain would remain intact, but my brother decided it would be gorier if he was ripped apart by a huge explosion XD. I just wish we had kept this one because it was cool, and a major point in the original story.

The Gun 3

Initially set in 3020, I later changed this date to 2320 to make it "just after" my space stories called Galactic Conquest. The Earth Empire, which rules the solar system and a few other colonised star systems, becomes subverted into a totalitarian government called S.E.C 1. A resistance movement against them starts off, and scores a few victories, but in a ruined desert that used be California before it was destroyed by some event (dunno what) they find the basement of an old cryogenic company has survived. In this basement are some intact bodies, most of rich old Americans, but one of a 20-something British man. Analysing the ancient "DVD" disc stored alongside him, they find his astonishing military records, he is Steve Gunn, the legendary warrior! They defrost him (and cure his bullet-through-spine condition) with the intention of using him to help fight the resistance, but he realises S.E.C 1 are monsters, and joins the resistance. That is the backstory that was not explained AT ALL in the comic XD

The Gun 3 - New Beginning

"Now to see what happened to him!" proclaims the cover, showing the dead Gunn from the end of his NYPD days. Strangeley he is wearing a Wolf Force uniform, er, oops? XD. He is defrosted in a big white room by a scientist, but as soon as he wakes up he punches the scientist, realises itís the future, gets The Gun out of a crate and shoots the scientist, then a Cop who comes in, and runs away XD. Thatís the stupidity back in action then. He nicks a police hover-car and flies away, but crashes it, then another one comes and he shoots it with a grenade, it crashes into the first one and he is almost killed by the explosion. He gets taken to hospital where a Nurse meets him and gives him his "thingy", The Gun. He gets on the Internet using a very 1995-looking computer and finds his old military records, showing him and Tom died, and Jackson lived. But would of course be dead by now XD. Then a popup comes up (nothing ever changes) saying he is wanted, so him and the nurse take off in her car. He gives himself away by shooting down a cop car at random for no reason, and then is in a very one-sided fight with a cyborg assassin (it just sits there and lets him kill it XD). He joins the resistance (and the nurse is conveniently also in it, her name is Tanya and she was presumably meant to be this one's Jackson) and they attack a SEC-1 building, and blow it up. Then some "anti-smog" ships are sent up by the resistance to clean up all the pollution around London (because I couldnít be bothered to draw Smog all the time) and he joins them "full time".

The Gun 3 - Grand Theft Auto

A very silly story that wasnít finished, with good reason! Gunn gets a mission to kill "The Spice Clones", a re-incarnated pop band who are singing hypnotic propaganda songs. You never actually see them because I would have been crap at drawing caricatures of the Spice Girls, he just blows up their limo (and several hundred innocent fans). But one of them gets away on a hover-scooter (wearing a crash helmet) and there is a chase. Then I stopped making it XD. This one is done in the "Early Felney" drawing style, not the blobby one used for most The Gun stories

The Gun 3 - Space War

The longest (14 pages! The same as Insanity Please Classic, but it feels far longer than that), and best story in the whole series. Though it still doesnít make too much sense. Gunn gets into some trouble and flies away on a hover bike, but is captured by the cops and taken to a SEC-1 building. There he is ushered into a room and made to watch a holographic recording of a war on an alien planet between a space exploration company called Capulet, and an alien race called Montague XD. They beg for his help, and he accepts (er?). He gets flown to the planet and goes into battle, after being wounded badly (but taking the bastards with him!) he is taken back to base and the medic tells him to rest. But the aliens retaliate and send a huge flying saucer to destroy the base, with plasma guns and flying things with metal teeth (did I mention this is also the goriest story in the series? XD). Gunn shoots it down with a huge "Deatomiser", like the big guns from Men In Black. The doctor has been killed (goriest death in The Gun! You can see his ribcage and everything), so Gunn decides he is cured enough to take the surviving starfighter and head up to the space station. After a brief dogfight with some enemy ships (one of which, we see but he doesnít, is piloted by a human!) he reaches the space station and finds the other people from the base have already been rescued. He walks along and a captured alien tells him the whole war is set up just to catch him (er? They had him in prison, why let him out "to catch him" XD). He goes back to the starfighter and takes off for earth, but flies over the arctic, which damages the engines, and he crashes. He goes to Arctic City, which is housed in a force-field to make it warm inside (er? Wouldnít the ice melt, sending the whole city to the bottom of the sea? Perhaps I meant the Antarctic instead). He steals a van with a varying number of windows and is involved in a comedy chase, before landing it on the tail fin of an intercontinental aircraft. Flying back over England (which has vast coastal defences to keep out the risen sea levels, and London has almost expanded to the cliffs of Dover. Again.) he is captured again. The boss of SEC 1 asks him for help again. Gunn kills him and jumps out of a window, landing in a hover car driven by Tanya, who says "Nice of you to drop in". You couldnít make it up XD

The J Zone

One of the few The Gun spinoffs that was actually finished, and the only finished one to survive, pity itís the crappest. Jackson basically re-enacts "Goldeneye" but its all action sequences, from the start, where she blows up a drug factory, then the bit with the Ferrari and the bikes is a car chase. Then she goes to the place thatís been attacked by "goldshark", my name for the goldeneye-like-weapon, and gets in a chase between her in a rocket-powered car with skis instead of wheels, and some helicopters. Then she goes to "the jungle" and finds a hidden radar base, but is taken hostage. Some woman called "Crow" was "there in the 3 nations war" (the old incarnation of it, I donít even know which 3 nations where involved, but one of them must have had a jungle in it XD). Crow says she found out about the tyrant wanting to start world war 3 (in the modern re-telling he is the president of the EU XD) but got caught. Jackson and Crow easily escape from their cell, by hitting the guard with the bed. After beating the two other people in the base, Jackson diverts the Goldshark weapon and makes it explode. I donít know why I bothered finishing this one either, especially when so many other more promising spinoffs never got done.

Combat Ridge

A two-page story where a metal landing platform in some mountains somewhere comes under heavy attack from Stealth Force, including one of the star destroyer-lookalike "queens" and some jetpacks. Maybe itís a prequel to book 5? Anyway, after some gun turrets on the platform are blown up by the enemy, the whole platform gets blown up, resulting in people being impaled on the twisted metal in very gory ways (the story is in "mostly colour" XD.) A survivor runs out from behind something and shoots a jetpack guy with a pistol, hitting him in the head, the jetpack flies into the queen and impales the pilot, making it crash. Er, the end! I lost the first page of this, annoyingly. I think around my friend Rob's house I started to re-make it as a longer (and more violent!) story, but only did a page, which I left round there.


My parents have an SAS book that describes the Battle of Mirbat, possibly the finest hour of the SAS, where about 9 of them, with some local assistance, held off more than 600 enemy troops. This was supposed to be a "re-telling" of the story of that battle in world war 3, but never got past a single page. Probably because the artwork was terrible, even by my standards at that time. And making a poorly drawn re-creation of a battle in which real people really died isn't in the best taste.

Forgotten name

I donít remember the name of this, but it was a very violent two-pager. Some ninja bloke infiltrates a Stealth Force hideout where they are testing a new Mech, after killing several people with a sword he is discovered, but leaps onto the mech as it turns to attack him, jams his sword into some electrical cables and jumps off as it explodes. Then grabs a dropped rifle and shoots his way out as the building burns to the ground behind him. I remember it having fantastic artwork (for the time), but again, it's been lost.

Desert Attack

Some woman in a truck is in an attack on a Stealth Force base, after shooting missiles at them they fire back and she leaps from the truck as it explodes. Then walks away and decides to join the infantry battle against the enemy. Never got past a single page but could have been good I suppose. Was in colour (I had lots of orange and yellow felt tips that still worked, so a desert story was inevitable) and had good art, I really should have carried it on.

The War

An Wolf Force elite squad attack an enemy base, also in colour, with lots of use of night-vision, and set somewhere where there is a lot of grassy plains and hills (Mongolia? Wales?), because I had lots of green pens. Only made half a page, but it had some decent gore.

Porn The Gun stories

Various comics where Gunn and Jackson have sex, none of them survive as far as I knowÖ

The Gun 4

Made by my brother. Gunn has been cryogenically frozen again and wakes up in the year 5000, he goes to a museum and finds his old sword from book 3, so steals it, and kills a museum guard who tries to stop him. He gets put in jail, the guards have given one of his fellow prisoners a 9mm pistol, for a joke, because few people in this time know how they work. Gunn does, though, and leads a breakout. Contains a bloke who can use magic (called an "enchanter" how la-di-da) and lots of silly weapons. It was in my brother's room somewhere, I donít know if it still exists or not.

The Gun 1.5

Was supposed to be a die hard 2 ripoff, Gunn is going to fly to America to join the NYPD, but terrorists take over the airport. He fights them with a dead guards pistol, and then gets his gun out of the secure lockers and kicks some real ass. Never made

The Gun 2.5

I didnít really explain the backstory to The Gun 3 much, well, at all actually, this was supposed to go into more detail about SEC 1, the resistance and how Gunn was found. Also never made XD

The Gun re-make, take 1

Was intended to be a semi-parody made for the UK Webcomix Thing 2006, in the style of the infamous Doom Comic, I coloured 3 pages and drew about 7, but never finished it. I wanted to do a 'straight' re-make, without it being a pisstake

The Gun re-make, take 2

Made and coloured two pages, which are online! Was going to continue with this, but didnít. As I have now made a vow to improve my art style (so people donít all look the same!) I have given up on this one.

The Gun re-make, take 3

The REAL one! This will be published in two versions, a "family friendly" black and white print version and a colour, sweary and gory web version. Re-makes of The Gun 2 and The Gun 3 will also follow. In this one "Wolf Force" have been replaced by the "United Nations Army", and Stealth Forceís logo is different.

The V Zone

I made several strips at primary school, amongst them Cart Wars and Battles, my friend Robert made his own episodes of those. By the time The Gun came around he had moved several miles away and we went to different schools, but I showed him a few The Gun strips and he came up with this. I donít remember too much about it, but it had something to do with aliens invading earth and Gunn fighting against them, there was two books of that. Then another book where some enemies (dunno if it was Stealth Force or somebody else) brainwash the Wolf Force high command, so Gunn has to fight against both sides. The standout moment of that story was when Gunn shot a turncoat in a plane, the guy then fell out of the plane with no parachute and hit the ground, then calmly sat up and radioed in that Gunn had gone AWOL XD. His art was about the same quality as mine (i.e. not very good XD) but his stories where actually, well, stories, not just a series of killings XD.