The Gun was the first of my "modern" comics, the ones that came before (Cart Wars and Battles being the main ones) were childish "Beano" like ones with people getting splattered by tomatoes. The Gun however, was started in 1997 and changed all that, it was set in the (then) distant year of 2020, when Wolf Force and Stealth Force, two armies made up of many different countries, have gone to war with one another in the third world war. Steve Gunn, the main character, was a 20 year old reconnaissance pilot for Wolf Force, who came from Britain. He was armed with "The Gun" of the title, a combination machine gun, grenade launcher and flame thrower (based loosely on Judge Dredd's "Lawgiver" gun), and fought in many battles of world war 3, shooting lots of bad guys. It wasn't particularly intelligent, most of the art was terrible and some of the "macho" dialogue is now painful. It also borrowed heavily from James Bond and other films... Anyway, as sometime in 2007 (I dont know exactly when it was started, but it was in 1997, my old diary says so...) was its tenth anniversary, I decided to put up a page about it, seriously get on with the much talked-about re-makes and review the old episodes. As well as put up info on some of the technology and the backstory behind the (new version of) the story.

Scanning and uploading the original comics would be a waste of time, as to somebody who didnt actually write them the "plots" (such as they are) would be very difficult to follow. Also some of the cheesy "Macho" dialogue is now highly embarrasing XD. So instead i've written rather sarcastic, MST3K-like writeups of the storylines, along with a few "choice" scanned panels. These are the finished stories, some others where started on but got left unfinished, those are in the "other stuff" section. The new version of The Gun will very loosely follow these stories, but with so many changes only the barest location and battle details will remain similar.



Book 1: "The Gun"

Book 2: "Island Mission"

Book 3: "Bridge Action/Revenge!"

Book 4: "Hostile Takeover"

Book 5: "Trapped!"

Book 6: "Rig Blast"

Book 7: "Train Trouble"

Book 8: "The Bridge At Berlin"

Book 9: "Sea War"

Book 10: "Arctic Battle"

Book 11: "Never Made Actually"


"A Different Danger"

"House Of Horrors: Zombies"


"Book 1: The Gun 3"

"Book 2: Star War"


"The Gun 4"

Other / unfinished stuff


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