This covers the characters of both versions of The Gun (at the time of writing this the second version is only in the planning stages, well if you ignore the two botched attempts at re-makes it is). As the artwork in the first was terrible, there are no pictures yet. Also the characterisation in the first one was non-existent, and some (most!) of these characters are only in the new one, having been seen in other strips such as Felney, Scum Slaughter and the like, or in the backstory to world war 3

Steve Gunn

The main character, and owner of The Gun. He was born in Middleford in 2000, and moved to the Fens in 2006, where he claims to have seen a zombie, despite the fenland zombie attack having been over for 10 years. An only child, he absorbed himself in war games with toy soldiers and watched war films a lot. His parents had been changed in their personality by the horror of the zombie attack and owned a lot of guns. He grew up around weapons, hunting and war games. At 19, when world war 3 was looming, his career choice was obvious.

Sue Jackson

Steve Gunn's best friend, she grew up in Ely, near where he lives, and they played a lot as children. She also liked war films and army games, so didnít get on very well with other girls. The two were briefly lovers in their teenage years, but having been around each other all their lives it didnít seem right, as if they were brother and sister. Followed Steve into the army as the third world war loomed


The Token black guy who featured in book 10 of the original version, talking in silly "ebonics". May turn up again in version 2 as a friend of Gunn's

Cara Loft

A dual-pistol-wielding sharpshooter with a nice line in acrobatics from the original version. Rather obviously based on Lara Croft, from the Tomb Raider games. Will probably not make it into the re-makes, as they are intended to have a bigger audience than two people XD.

General Koch

A German military commander who escaped Germany when it was taken over by Stealth Force. Did not feature in the original version of The Gun, but turned up in the sci-fi sequel The Gun 3, in a brief (one panel) flashback to world war 3, saying "And remember men: shoot on sight!" In the second version he will probably mastermind the re-taking of Germany in the equivalent of the "Bridge at Berlin" story.


A guy who turned up in no less than 3 abandoned The Gun storylines. The original version of Book 4, which my mum gave to the scummy art teacher, "City war", an urban warfare story, and the first attempt at the prequel (which was actually better than the 'real' prequel). He was killed in all three of them XD. Also seen in Book 10 of The Gun, where he dies, and then he turned up at the start of The Gun 3, on some military records website, where it emerges he was killed in the final battle of The Gun 2Ö


A low-level commander, possibly a Sergeant, who turns up in book 4 and 5, he dies in book 4 but comes back in 5 XD

Mark Telbury

A scientist who is rescued from an oil rig, the sole survivor of the first Zombie attack in 1985. Vanished in 1990Ö

Major Wilkinson

Promoted through the ranks of the SAS after single-handedly stopping the first Zombie attack in 1985, became head of the ultra top secret 33 SAS, the anti-zombie taskforce, trained and armed specially to fight the walking dead. Saw action again in 1992 and 1996. By the time of world war 3 he is too old to go to "the front", but advises from behind a desk, and watches out for Zombies!

Robin Crook

Was the president of the European Union in 2014, when the great revolution took place. Escaped trial and went on the run, spotted in Afghanistan, which later was taken over by Stealth Force. Highly suspected of working for them.

Amanda Millman

Sparked off the great revolution in 2014, after proclaiming the latest policies laid out by Crook to be "bullshit". Initially painted as a sinister white-power activist intent on bringing down all national unity by the EU-controlled media, this was in itself found out to be bullshit when people find out she is black XD. See the "2014" storyline of Felney (especially the comic for the 28th December 2002 XD). Will possibly turn up in the re-make playing some role in world war 3


In the first two (abandoned) re-makes, he is the commander of a secret Stealth Force base on a tropical island. Highly likely to be doing the same job in the third re-make (the one this site is about XD). First name not made up yet.


A Russian who is mentioned in Book 10 of The Gun, supposedly shot by Cara Loft during the battle for Berlin. Almost certain to not re-appear.