The timeline of events leading up to world war 3 and revolving around the main characters of the strip

March 22nd 1947

Mark Telbury born


July 17th 1954

Joyce Crayford born


January 30th 1977

John Gunn born


August 7th 1980

Joyce Crayford becomes a lecturer at Middleford University


April 19th 1983

Mark Telbury goes to work on a north sea oil rig, anaylsing the oil and checking it for inconsistencies and working out how best to use it, in the labs on board


February 12th 1985

Strange chemicals reported in the oil drilled up


February 13th 1985

Radio contact with Rig has been lost, a rescue team goes out but vanishes


February 14th 1985

An SAS counter-terrorism squad heads out to the Rig, and are attacked by zombies, two survivors-Corporal Wilkinson and Mark Telbury


September 1st 1992

Zombie outbreak at a retirement home in Yorkshire, Captain Wilkinson leads the SAS Counter-zombie taskforce against the horde and dispatches all of them. Cause of the sudden outbreak is unknown


September 3rd 1995

John Gunn starts at Middleford University


June 5th 1996

John Gunn and Joyce Crayford start to have an affair, she is actually dirty minded and often does with the students, but he sees it as something different. And he is good in bed so she stays with him a bit XD


July 9th 1996

A mass zombie outbreak happens in the fens, many local people are infected and have to be exterminated, also some zombies appear to have been created by cloning. A makeshift underground lab is discovered, some mad scientist seems to have been creating zombies, but he is shot and the lab collapses. The incident has to be reported as a zombie outbreak, but with the scientist dead there are unlikely to be any more. John Gunn and Joyce Crayford are caught in the outbreak and fall In love, during a fierce and blood-soaked battle XD


April 16th 1997

John Gunn and Joyce Crayford get married in Middleford


May 20th 2000

John Gunn and Joyce Gunn give birth to their child, Steve Gunn


July 9th 2006

The Gunn family have now moved to the house in which the zombie battle took place. The young Steve claims to have seen a zombie but a search results in none being found, put down to an over-active imagination


October 5th 2008

The EU constitution is forced upon the population of Europe, despite being repeatedly defeated in various referendums, there is great resentment at the European state, which has now been unofficially formed, eradicating national independence in the nations of Europe


May 16th 2009

Congestion Charges are introduced in all major cities across the EU, at the same time "pay as you go" road tax is enforced, which means all vehicles must have a GPS black box installed in them which records all their movements.


July 30th 2009

Cars which produce too much pollution are banned from the road and scrapped, this is applied to ALL cars, even old ones. Ones over 20 years old are denied an MOT and automatically banned. Many many classic cars are banned from the road and melted down, some kinds are entirely wiped out, but some enterprising people hide theirs, this is not easy as most houses only have one garage and minuscule gardens to prevent the occupants having any more than one car. Lots of older houses which have larger gardens have been demolished, because they are "inefficient" and "create an atmosphere of haves and have-nots".


January 1st 2010

The "Transport act 2010" is passed, across the EU fuel tax and road tax are given gigantic rises, apparently to improve public transport, but the money dissapears. Most countries which did have good public transport before the unification have seen it fall into disrepair, while in countries like Britian it is as good as non existant.


May 5th 2010

Biometric ID cards are made compulsory across the EU. Despite several refurendums showing they are unpopular, unwanted, and do not prevent terrorism, and make identity theft easier. They cost £150 each.


January 12th 2011

The "Three Nations War", a brief skirmish as the EU attempts to take over the "dissident nations" which have not joined the EU: Norway and Switzerland, shocks the population of the EU. The unpopularity of the war leads to it ending very quickly and the two countries are left independent


March 27th 2011

The EU parliament announces greater crackdowns on opposition to EU policy, maintaining that anybody who opposes EU rule is an old-fashioned xenophobe and a racist. Protests against this law are quashed and the ringleaders demonised as sinister white-power activists. The UKIP, ED and other anti-EU parties are banned.


November 6th 2011

The member states of the EU are renamed "Eurozones", their national flags are banned as 'hate symbols' and using the old names of the countries results in a spot-fine.


February 28th 2012

The EU police force is given new and unprecedented powers of surveillance to crack down on any anti-EU sentiment. "Security-Entertainment screens" go on sale, these are devices which allow the local police to monitor your home through flat-screen TV's in your home, to help catch burglars and paedophiles. A massive media campaign terrifies many people into buying them


August 5th 2013

Many cars by this stage are now automated, and drive themselves. This is now made compulsory and driving yourself is made illegal. Everybody in a car must swipe their ID card so that the government can keep track of all journeys, "to help catch terrorists"


December 1st, 2013

It is Eurozone 12 (aka Britain)'s turn to take on the EU presidency. Robin Crook, the current "High Councillor" becomes ruler of the EU


July 21st 2014

The new sexual laws are announced, the age of consent is raised to 21, and anybody caught talking to people one year younger than them on the internet is jailed for rape. All women are forced to wear a burkha, to cover their face, and they must also cover up all other exposed skin, this is to stop children being "prematurely sexualised", and also to avoid offending Muslims. Also "Security-Entertainment screens" are now made compulsory (despite the fact that you have to pay £500 for each one and install them in every room of your house). All computers are fitted with spyware to "prevent viruses and keep them updated". But it actually logs everything you do and you are arrested if you open an mp3 file of any kind, or download porn and there are people younger than 21 in the house, or either house next door.


July 24th 2014

Anti-EU rioting breaks out in the city of Wolverhampton, Eurozone 12. Police reaction is swift, and savage, 30 people are shot and the riot is quashed. The woman who sparked it off by declaring the latest policies to be "Bullshit" is arrested. The rioters are portrayed as neo-nazi racists, but the face of their "ringleader" is not shown to the public. Probably because she is black.


July 29th 2014

Through word-of-mouth, encrypted emails sent by hackers who have disabled their spyware, and leaked pictures of the "racist ringleader" from prison, people around Eurozone 12 and the EU realise the true nature of the riots. The anti-EU feeling of betrayal and helplessness, which has been bubbling under, begins to rise to the surface. As a tribute to the killed rioters, spray-painted logos similar to that of the Wolverhampton football team (the "Wolves") appear around the country.


September 13th 2014

More riots are breaking out every day, in Eurozone 12, the "Road Traffic Control Centre" in Birmingham is stormed and all of the civil servants who monitor and remotely control road traffic in Britain are tortured and executed by furious commuters and classic car owners. The police "defending" the building stepped aside and allowed the massacre to happen. Other police and army units around the EU mutiny and the people begin to rise up in mass protest. Their banner is the "Wolves" logo, they name themselves "Wolf Force"


October 23rd 2014

Besieged leaders of the EU are holed up around the country, one by one their buildings fall in fierce firefights and they are bought to account for their crimes of oppression. Both sides appeal to other countries, such as the USA, for help. The other countries are rather indecisive, though in the USA some "units" of Wolf Force commit small acts of vandalism and arson against machinery of public surveillance, political correctness and anti-driving technology which has sprung up, to a lesser extent, over there.


November 5th 2014

The EU Parliament building is blown up, and the European Union is consigned to the dustbin of history, remembered as a totalitarian experiment gone wrong. The Eurozones reclaim their independence, and bring their old national flags out of hiding.


January 1st 2015

The countries of Europe are rebuilding, and in a lot of cases, demolishing. The governments of many countries have instituted a new "homes for heroes" campaign, which have large gardens, wide roads and all the luxuries, characterless housing estates are bulldozed and pulled down, whilst new high-rises are built. For the first time in decades, new atomic power stations open in Britain and other countries. The first day of 2015 is heralded as a new dawning on the human race, and the "true" start of the 21st century, a century of peace and prosperity.


July 19th 2015

Rumours abound of the escaped EU president, Robin Crook, being spotted in places around the world. He is finally seen definitively, in Afghanistan, a country which has only recently settled down into (barely stable) peace and democracy, having been ruled by totalitarianism and theocracy for decades before.


September 8th 2015

In a shocking terrorist attack, several bombs are set off in public places around Europe, the death toll is in the thousands. A group named "Stealth Force" claims responsibility. They pledge to create a new world order in which national identity is eradicated, and one government rules the planet. Their claims are dismissed as madness, but to the people of the former EU, all too familiar…


May 28th 2016

A large secret base is found hidden in Quebec, a stealth force base. Several prominent members of extremist anti-choice groups are found working in it. Inside are sinister scientific apparatus which seem to be attempts at mind control, as well as piles of propaganda calling for a unified new world order, and calling the existence of separate countries "racist". Many former leaders of the EU are found to be responsible for this, "Stealth Force" is nothing but a new EU parliament attempting to enforce their totalitarian rules on the entire world.


June 1st 2016

At a meeting of the UN in Paris, the Stealth Force threat is discussed, if they could build a secret base "Under the noses" of a modern western nation, where else could they have set up? A new "Wolf Force", the UNA is created, a unifying (but still independent of each other, unlike the EU army) of various Armies. Initial members include Britain, France, Germany, Spain and other European countries, as well as Japan, Brazil, China, Australia, Canada, South Korea and India.


August 23rd 2018

Stealth force seem to have lived up to their name, and been invisible for many years. A lot of people assume they have vanished or disbanded after the UNA promised to hunt them down and destroy them. But suddenly they stage a coup in Pakistan, overthrowing the government. The Indian branch of the UNA calls for permission to attack Pakistan and destroy Stealth Force dominance.


October 2nd 2018

The UN has been hesitant over what to do about the re-emergence of Stealth Force, when they attack India and invade, after a brief war Stealth Force rules both countries


October 11th 2018

Zimbabwe declares itself united with Stealth Force


December 25th 2018

The "Christmas Revolution", Stealth force "rebels" in Quebec, Canada, take over the province, Stealth force "units" have established bases around various countries, and China and Afghanistan also suffer take-overs. Some small civil wars break out and UNA units finally go into action to curb the rise of Stealth Force, but they are overstretched.


June 15th 2019

Stealth Force seem contained, China has been given back it's Independence, but other countries seem solidly entrenched in Stealth Force rule. Both sides are now threatening the use of atomic weapons, it is like a new cold war has broken out. Stealth Force is hesitant to use them because its aim is not dominance of resources or land, it wants to dominate the minds of people, so does not want to kill a lot of "potential recruits". The UNA is also hesitant to use atomic weapons because the peoples of Stealth Force controlled nations are not the enemy, merely prisoners of an unjust regime. Steve Gunn joins the British Army, which is an 'arm' of the UNA at the moment, of course.


November 6th 2019

Stealth Force re-takes China, All over Canada Stealth Force "cells" break out and take over more of the country. Shocking the people of the United States, who hastily subscribe to the UNA, despite a deep mistrust of the UN which is rife within that country. India, Pakistan, China, Zimbabwe and now Argentina and Romania all explode outwards, rolling across borders and overthrowing governments left, right and centre, the UNA are taken utterly by surprise and crushed. It seems Stealth Force have developed some kind of hypnotic propaganda which has been slowly corrupting the minds of the people they ruled over. Now it becomes clear why they decided to set up in countries with large populations (Zimbabwe, of course, joined them of its own accord), to get more people for a gigantic army.


December 1st 2019

The shocked UN assembles and calls upon any nations still independent to join the UNA. Many nations from around the world sign up. An enthusiastic recruitment drive swells the army of Wolf Force vastly. In the far east Stealth Force attacks proudly independent North Korea, which responds by firing atomic weapons at China, the weapons are shot down by advanced anti-missile systems, showing Stealth Force possess other advanced technologies developed in secret, on a par and sometimes exceeding what the UNA has. North Korea falls to Stealth Force, despite fierce resistance, and the people of South Korea brace themselves. In the Middle East Afghanistan conquers many other countries swiftly, and "fast tracks" the Stealth Force brainwashing, as the Middle East has seen so many years of division and fighting the calls for a new world order ruled by one strong government sounds like a positive change and many willingly go over to Stealth Force's side.


January 12th 2020

Stealth Force's progress seems to have slowed, they have, despite brainwashing, over-stretched themselves. Many countries are fighting back against them and holding their progress, UNA armies still fight independently though, under their own national flags. Also some people are seemingly immune to the brainwashing, or cure themselves of its effects, and resistance movements are formed in most occupied countries, most strongly in Canada, North Korea and China.


March 20th 2020

Stealth Force's commanders, whoever and wherever they are (they are hidden away and only heard from in heavily disguised voice tapes and untraceable emails) have re-organised themselves and consolidated resources. The UNA as an entity is not expecting to be called into action as a whole any more, when suddenly Stealth Force 'pull the final straw' and take over Germany. The Germans, having lived through the worst of Stealth Force's first incarnation, the EU, desperately call upon the UNA to save them


March 24th 2020

The UNA answers, countries fighting Stealth Force solemnly raise the UNA banner alongside their own. UNA units from countries not directly affected by the fighting (such as Great Britain) are called into action against the enemy. World War 3 has officially begun.