These are the old Insanity Please GIF animations i made before i started the comic, They are quite wierd, have in-jokes only people i went to school with would understand (maybe!), and arent really that funny, Oh and quite a few of them have stolen jokes from SSDD , ah well, watch them if you want to!



A cool-looking title sequence, then an awful-looking magitek armour blows up narshe

Shin ra

A shinra soldier gets his head blown off in a battle

They killed kenny!

Shinra snipers kill Kenny after he says that they sucked, a wierd south park cameo XD


How Terra (FF6) got green hair, also the people in the animation look green as well

Film festival

Sid vicious makes his own movie for a film festival, then smashes someone (johnny?) over the head with a guitar


Celes and Cloud escape from a shinra facility, joke stolen from The simpsons


Not a Final fantasy animation, Some aliens decide to destroy earth after reciving a 13-year old broadcast from the planet

Sids cookery class

What Sid's film festival movie was

Death race 2000

A car chase animation that is wierd

Sniper challenge

Sabin and Terra try and pull off the coolest-looking murder, there was a time when i was proud of how offensive this was XD


A girl called Siobahn (annoying one from school) gets run over, then i phone someone called "Terry", god knows who that is (our old neighbour from 1986?)

Postman pratt

A crazy postman character we made up while on the school bus, except you dont really see him in this animation, it just has Me, Terra, and Emma goldman, the victorian anarchist


Terra spray-paints an "A" sign on the back of a shinra plane, also features kenny being killed again

Blair bitch

How Terra and Edgar defeat one of those ghosts from the phantom forest in FF6

Motorway robbery

Edgar shoots a shinra biker's head off then asks him for


The crew from Mystery Science Theater 3000 "do" the Graffiti patrol animation


Are you ready for....AMSTRAD?


Terra shoots a shinra soldier and then a few more...yay

The inqusition

Nobody expects the shinra inquistion!

Part 2

Shinra inquisition, Part 2

Part 3

Shinra inquistion, Part 3


Terra and sabin defeat shinra soldiers using stupidity, a better punchline would have been "Hah, they just never learn!", but i didnt use it

Witch what?

Aeris shoots a shinra soldier using a massive gun and he flies on top of a building

Golf punks

When i heard of the movie "National lampoon's golf punks", i expected it to feature the sex pistols tearing up a golf course while pissed, but instead it was crap, so i made this instead

Guy forks

An SSDD ripoff..probably the best one

Shinra railways

Crap one about a train being delayed


A ripoff of "Fishbait", an old anarchist comic i used to read, but it dissapeared

Shinra direkt

Are you a plumber,builder,carpenter or insane murderer?, then i've got two words for you- Shinra direct!

Bridge scene

A stark message to squaresoft, start making good final fantasies again (FFX-2?...Argh!, Online FF's?...Argh!) or get a drill in the face, Though to be fair, FF Anthology was released in the UK EVENTUALLY!

Insanity trailer

A trailer for all the animations youve already watched..not fun


An "In-joke" we had on the school bus, basically there is a secret dinosaur cage on level 13 of shinra towers, and if anyone see's it they must be killed because they "Know too much"

Driving skool

Based on "I like truckin'" off "Not the nine o clock news"


Another SSDD ripoff..the medium one

Net rage

The Miss dynamite update was made ages ago..DooM MilleniuM is STILL not out! ("due october 1999" if i remember correctly)

The cone

The final SSDD Ripoff..the worst one


Terra blows up a building using a tekmissile..why werent they that powerful in the game? XD