Welcome back to Insanity Please!. After a hiatus of approximately 4 years and 2 months (eat that, Krazy Larry!)*, it returns! Why bring back a strip about Final Fantasy and Anarchy when I don't play videogames any more, and have long since ditched Anarchy for Nationalism? Well because it was FUN to draw, dammit! With its beautiful men and women, non-stop action, violence and gore, fantasy world and cool vehicles. In this new incarnation the anarchist elements will take a back seat, while the ultra-violence and Shinra stupidity will be given centre stage, so sit back and enjoy!

Update from 06 April 2015 - The older strips were scanned at a resolution that makes them very small on modern computers, so I'm going to gradually re-scan and replace old ones, while I'm doing new ones.

*-And, also like Krazy Larry (if I remember rightly), it has since had more Hiata that were of a similar length, or longer, than the "original" one.

Updated Every-Other-Daily, except when it's on break. Which is most of the time.

Latest issue: The Battle of Mideel - Part 7


Insanity Please Classic


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This is an even older version of Insanity Please, which is meandering nonsense with loads of 'celebrity' cameos

A modern description of the comic - coming soon(ish)

These where made before this comic, but after the first one. They are also fairly stupid, more like gag strips in animated(ish) form. Theres lots of blood though.

The archive of all Insanity Please comics

Final Fantasy Anarchy

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An RPG Maker 2000 game based on Insanity Please. Features a crap battle system, silly references to things, and several hours of game-play!

An overview of the comic, written during it's first hiatus. It wasn't even online at the time, so this may read a bit strangely

You might have noticed several of the characters are rather different to thier official Squaresoft versions... (coming soon)

Pictures, technical diagrams, maps... I'll make this section when there's something to put in it!

Final Fantasy, and all related characters, names (ie Mako, Materia) and logos (ie Shinra) are owned by Squaresoft. I make no claim to ownership of these elements, and this work is intended to be viewed as 'Fan Fiction'. So fuck off and learn how to make proper videogames again, you talentless cunts. I mean, what the fuck is Final Fantasy 15? It's GTA Midgar, for fuck's sake. Are you twats based in Osaka? You seriously need a gearboxing.