Welcome to Agent Smoke, an unashamedly crude and self-indulgent porn comic set in the gay homeland of Homonia in the 2060's. The story follows Detective Inspector Sarah Millman as she investigates the sex orgy parks for evidence of rape, corruption and intentional STD spreading. It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it! Expect lots of classic cars, all sorts of sex, car chases, shootouts, swearing, googie, art-deco, jukeboxes, chrome, two-tone, white-walls, tailfins, zeppelins, black shirts, classical music and not a great deal of sense!

Note that this strip is "Drawn for fun" which means you shouldn't expect such details as perspective, light and shadow, or straight panel borders. (in fact not a lot of anything is "straight" around here). The character of Sarah Millman also appears in my print comic, The Red, White & Blue, but those stories are a bit different to this (they even feature police work!). The two are happening in the same continuity, though.

New strips every Monday (except when I'm on holiday!)

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An old, nonsense article about Homonia

There will be a new one one day

Crystal Knights cross-section: Mile High Club

The world in 2062

Actually, very wrong! A new one will be done sometime


Critical acclaim for Agent Smoke:

"Wow, after all these years to find out i've been immortalised in a crude porn comic, hmmm not something I would have predicted lol"

-Somebody from school. The look of Sarah Millman was vaguely based on her. I can't beleive I Facebook-found her and told her. I was drunk, though XD

"Do you really believe thsi Homonia stuff?" "Well, it's flawed from the word go (Y)"

-Matt, a guy I knew from Download.

(He was looking at the old Homonia page which supports democracy, freedom and fairness, mind)

Warning, this page depicts a country where safe, casual sex with anybody you like the look of is seen as a virtue, where genuine freedom of speech exists, and where a nationalised car company produces near-exact, but hydrogen-powered, replicas of European cars of the 1950's, with exactly the same safety precautions. It's also got a government based on the 1919 Fascist Manifesto, and pays half-joking homage to Benito Mussolini everywhere

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