The central strip of the Felneyverse. It's about a bunch of wierd people who live in a small, fenland village in Cambridgeshire, who mark smart-arsed remarks at each other. There was also an old version) on Comic Genesis, which is the same, but extremely left-wing, and with even worse artwork.


My longest-running webcomic, and also the longest comic I have created. Shame it makes no sense. It's a crossover of Final Fantasy 6 and 7, only with Shinra as the main enemy, crude attemps at political satire, and lots of action and gore.


A "drawn for fun"** comic containing porn and fascist propaganda. Had a couple of 'bursts' of updates, but is currently dormant. May be re-made in colour.


A re-make of my first-ever "serious" comic, and another major Felneyverse strip. It's set in the non-nuclear World War 3, beginning in 2020. It is one of the main features of my print comics, so us uploaded in batches of 5 pages at a time. The web version will always remain two episodes behind the print version.


Jane Thristwaite, from Felney, has now grown up, and is on a working holiday in Japan. She has to endure the terrors of culture shock, unidentifiable food, bizarre pop-culture and, worst of all, other gaijin.


A "Boys' Own" story about a secret agent, hunting down escaped Nazis against the background of Cold War paranoia.


Sunita Shankar is a transsexual serial killer, who is ridding her city of the enemies of civilisation. There's two seperate versions of this. It's due another re-make!


A series of "drawn for fun" stories set in the Fenland Zombie Outbreak of 1996. Also due a re-make. Still, what did get made is ultra-gory.


A short story about women's football in the 1960's. This is a lead-in to the Mary of Middleford serial which will eventually appear in my print comic The Red, White & Blue.


Pick a day when you'll be awake, and then describe the events of each hour you are awake in comic form! The "main" hourly comic day is Feb. 1st, but I did a few on other days, too.


Similar to the later days of original Felney - ie it's "spur of the moment" comics that pop into my head and is about just about anything. A lot of the stuff in here will probably not even be comics, but spoof newspaper cuttings, adverts or just text-only images with furious rants in.


This is a series of comics I make when I'm really tired and not thinking straight, on the assumption that you think up funnier stuff in that state. The first one raised a few giggles so it might even work.


A Halloween special for 2005, uploaded one day late XD. Sunita, Bev (the prostitute from scum slaughter) and Amanda ("Queuing woman"'s real name XD) get lost in Wales and are attacked by undead Chavs from hell! Turn your brightness up a bit, it's quite dark.


This was the original version of Insanity Please, it's even stupider and features cameos from the South Park characters, MST3K people and even Ronnie Biggs! XD, it was done in 2000 or there abouts so the artwork isn't great, and it hasnít scanned too well either cause I didnít even have a scanner when I made it, so knew nothing about how to make things look good on one.


Was never finished, with good reason! It was going to be a parody of Queer As Folk but I couldnít even bring myself to watch the monumentally SHIT TV series (a sequence that could have taken 10 minutes was stretched into the entire first episode!*) So I didnít really know much about exactly what I was taking the piss out of. This sort of petered out after 5 pages, but what remains of it is online because there's some Capris and shagging XD.


Various comics I made that never made it into the site for some reason. In un-cut and un coloured form. Also includes my "comic review" of The Big Gay Out

*yes, I am talking about the "better" British version too! But before you start pissing and moaning, his Doctor Who revival is fucking brilliant! So I know he is a good writer under all that

**Crap artwork